Cross-Chain DEX Affiliate

We share with you our commission from the JulSwap Cross-chain DEX!

You or your community, family or frie0nds can use every swap or exchange on the market and you will pay on every swap or exchange comission but we give everyone the possibility to create passive income because we share with you our comission!

...% from the total commission are shared with you!

How to start?

  1. Visit ..........

  2. Connect your Wallet

  3. Copy your affiliate link

  4. Share the link with your community, friends or family

Every time when someone who is not assigned to any julswap affiliate clicks your affiliate link and execute his trade on julswap, he will be assigned to your affiliate structure.

A wallet address can only be affiliated by one affiliate link. If the user has already used another affiliate link, they cannot change the affiliated person afterwards, even if they swap tokens using other affiliate links.

When i will receive my comission?

Every time when someoone who is assigned to your julswap affiliate structure execute any trade on julswap your comission will be deployed for your in the julswap affiliate comission contract where you can claim your comission.

Where can i claim my comission?

  1. Visit ..............

  2. See your comission

  3. Click claim my comission

After the successfull claim you can find your comission in JULD in your Wallet.

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