The JulSwap DAO stands as a testament to collective decision-making, with the community determining the allocation of the DAO treasury in favor of the community or project development, driven by their

  • Voting Power: Each JULD token equates to one vote. It's crucial to note that purchasing JULD after a proposal has opened does not entitle one to vote on that proposal. A snapshot at the time of the vote's initiation ensures fairness, requiring holders to keep their JULD in a decentralized wallet to participate in voting.

  • Incentives for Participation: Active voters are rewarded, fostering a culture of engagement and contributing to the DAO's goals.

  • DAO's Objective: The overarching aim is to collectively enhance the value of JULD, creating a unified effort towards growth.

  • Governance Structure: The DAO employs a multisig approach for treasury transactions, requiring at least 3 out of 5 designated wallets to confirm a transfer post-community consensus. The current multisig holders are:

    1. 0x7A0e07F5235DEaF86d781EFb22584cFC14a26850

    2. 0x0B3F9F22E7578DcFdcc70412C2A00A6E6CC8C7A2

    3. 0xa314D2f3666dB9C48407D74E2671C2fEae48c178

    4. 0xd80192759145c42952AB8B8AC879143B67e93476

    5. 0x92dC461AA757CE633c9a71b7B18a677B9c452348

Plans are in place to potentially expand the multisig membership, ensuring greater community involvement. However, this expansion comes with the caveat that the holders must always act in accordance with community proposal decisions, not personal interest.

JulSwap's choice of Gnosis for multisig management is based on these platforms' reliability, security audits, and their adherence to the high operational standards required for the DAO's activities. This infrastructure supports the DAO's mission to empower the community in steering the project's future, emphasizing transparency, security, and collective governance.

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