JULD Token

JULD Token History and Future

The JulD (JulSwap) Token originated as an airdrop to JulSwap users in December 2020. The token gained remarkable popularity within the community, experiencing an impressive price surge from $0.0012 to nearly $1 on certain exchanges. This success was underscored by accolades such as the "Star of the Month" award on BNB Chain and securing investments from the Binance BNB Chain $100 million fund. However, a flash-loan attack on May 27th, 2021 resulted in a significant decrease in JULD's value. In response, the team carried out an additional airdrop of JULD to partially offset the losses suffered by the community.

Aiming to foster uniqueness in collaboration with the community, the team introduced the JUL DAO in 2023. This initiative is chiefly employed for treasury management and investment decisions, complementing the existing JULSWAP products, namely the JULSWAP Cross-DEX and JULSWAP DEX.

JULD Token Details:

Utilizing DAO Token (JULD):

The JULD token fulfills a range of vital functions within the JUL DAO:

  1. Treasury Management: JULD tokens serve as a cornerstone for effective management of the DAO's treasury, enabling strategic allocations and deployments.

  2. Fee Regulation and Distribution: The token is utilized to regulate and distribute fees, ensuring fair and transparent mechanisms.

  3. Guardian Wallet Management: Proposals enabled by JULD tokens empower the community to add or remove Guardian Wallets, ensuring the right individuals remain entrusted with governance.

  4. Incentive Approval: JULD tokens facilitate the approval of incentives, incentivizing community involvement and rewarding valuable contributions.

  5. wpUSDT Fee integration:

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