JULD Token

JULD Token (upcoming and previous)
JulD (JulSwap) Token was issued as an Airdrop in December 2020 to JulSwap Users. The JULD Token got adopted by the community very fast and achieved amazing results from a price start of 0.0012 $ up to nearly 1$ on some exchanges, even though it was all airdropped. JULD also won the the Star of the month on the BNB Chain and the team got some investment from the Binance BNB Chain 100 Million $ fund. On 27th May 2021 we got attacked by a flas-hloan attack which happened due to a trading pair connected farming contract which led to a dramatic decrease for the JULD value. We tried to find a solution to support the community and we airdropped more JULD to the community with the intent to cover some losses which unfortunately could only work out partially. Since then we've been thinking what can we do to come back and we created the JulCard, which is a decentralized debit/prepaid card system which we wanted to launch but due to the airdrop token structure it was not possible to finance the concept without a change. The community decided to launch the product with another Token called Okse and under the brand Okse ( Every previous JULD holder who staked their tokens based on the agreement (will) receive for 36 months, monthly Okse tokens (its not available anymore to new JULD holders).Our Target was and is to build something unique with the amazing JulSwap community, this is why we came up in 2022 with the concept of Cross-chain DEX, Multi-chain DEX JULSWAP DAO which we are delivering in 2023.
JULD Token
  • Token Name: JULSWAP DAO (JULD)
  • Total Supply: 800,000,000 JULD
JULD Usage
JULD is used as standard Token without special contract functions to avoid problems with exchange listings but you can lock JULD to receive vJULD which is the Governance Token where you can vote positive or negative for community decisions, like:
  • Cross-Exchange Contract Update
  • Release Tokens from the lockup contracts for Marketing, Investments or anything else
  • Fee regulation and distribution
  • Adding/removing team member payments for the development
  • Future JulSwap concept
  • Vote & Earn JulSwap DEX trading fees
The target is, every aspect in the JulSwap project will be controlled over time by the JULD Token holders via the Governance protocol.
How are the voting weights calculated?
The Voting happens in vJULD tokens which you can only receive while locking your JULD. If you lock your JULD for a longer time frame you get another ratio of vJULD tokens.
You can lock up your JULD for up to 4 months:
1 JULD locked for 1 month = 0.25 vJULD
1 JULD locked for 2 months = 0.50 vJULD
1 JULD locked for 3 months = 0.75 vJULD
1 JULD locked for 4 months = 1.00 vJULD
With this mechanism we reduce the active circulation supply and you only can get a share of the trading fee from JulSwap DEX and the whitelisted pairs if you hold vJULD.
Do we have inflation or deflation?
We have a deflation model because we do not mint new tokens and we burn tokens as a part of the JulSwap DEX & JulSwap Cross-DEX fee.
JulSwap DEX Fee JULD Usage
Every JulSwap DEX pair creates trading fees and these trading fees will be distributed to the voters based on their voting weights, which means if you vote wisely you earn more as a voter. The traders pay in total 0.25% trading fee on the JulSwap DEX and 0.175% are deposited into the Voters earning pool. The remaining 0.025% are distributed directly to the LP Providers as additional support and 0.05% are used to buy back JULD and to burn it.
All trading fees for the incentive will be converted into JULD and the voters will receive the voting rewards in JULD. If the trading volume on the whitelisted trading pairs is higher the amount which will be distributed will be higher as well.
JulSwap Cross-DEX Fee JULD Usage
  • 30% DAO Treasury ruled by the governance for buybacks / burns / investments / liquidity / future development or any other potential ecosystem support
  • 30% from the fee buys JULD which will be given away to the affiliate network (referral)
  • 5% from the fee buys JULD which is given as cashback to anyone who uses the cross-chain JulSwap in JULD