JulSwap Cross-chain Fee

0.25%* JulSwap fee (INACTIVE IN BETA)
JulSwap uses several exchanges and bridges to provide you the best results, which means JulSwap does not earn on your trades. To cover the expenses JulSwap has its own 0.25%* fee based on your trading volume.The 0.25%* is split as following:
  • 30% DAO Treasury ruled by the governance for buybacks / burns / liquidity / future development or any other potential ecosystem support
  • 5% from the fee buys JULD which is given as cashback to anyone who uses the cross-chain JulSwap in JULD
  • 30% from the fee buys JULD which will be given away to the affiliate network (referral)
  • 35% Team
The structure can change in the future but can be changed only by the JULD holders via the governance proposal.
How are the external multi-chain swap fees calculated?
The cross-chain swap fee is shown as "bridge fee" on the UI.
  • For a cross-chain swap that does not involve any destination swap, the JulSWap protocol does not charge any additional fee. The "bridge fee" is directly paid to third-party bridges to cover their operating cost.
  • For a cross-chain swap that involves a destination swap, the JulSwap protocol will charge a small execution to cover the gas cost for performing the destination swap. In this case, the "bridge fee" includes both the third-party fee and the JulSwap destination execution fee.
In addition, if Stargate is used as the intermediate bridge, there might be extra fees charged in native gas token when submitting the cross-chain swap request. This fee is paid to Stargate to cover the gas cost and the message passing fee.Moreover, if Celer cBridge is used as the intermediate bridge and a destination swap is involved, a tiny amount of message passing fee will be charged in native gas token. The message passing fee is paid to Celer Network.
*Fees can be change