JULD Token Swap (March 2023)

Very important:
  • Swap Ratio 1:1
  • No supply change
  • remove minting function
  • governance integration
  • circulation supply reduction due to non-used juld in old liquidity/farming/ airdrop contracts
What happens with the JULD Tokens which are remaining from the Swap Tokens? We have 800 Million JULD tokens and 700 Million JULD will be deposited into the Swap contract and every user can deposit their old JULD into the contract and receive the new JULD (1:1). The remaining amount between 800 Million and the amount which gets deposited from the Holders will be transferred 3 months later to the Lockup Contract which is controlled by the Governance. The remaining 100 Million JULD will be deposited directly into the JulSwap DEX Staking Rewards Pool.
Which centralized exchange (CEX) support the swap?
  • MXC
  • (awaiting confirmation)
The centralized Exchanges who support the swap will swap the tokens for your 1:1. (exchange announcement takes place before)
How to swap if i hold my tokens not in MXC or (awaiting for confirmation)?
You will be able to connect your Trust Wallet, Okse Wallet, Meta Mask Wallet or any other decentralized Wallet to the swap page where you can swap your "old" JULD to the "new JULD".
When the swap takes place?
We are aiming for end of March 2023 and the decentralized swap will be open for 3 month after the start.
What i have to do now as JULD holder?
Nothing! Only wait for the swap announcement and read the above mentioned points!
Can i still buy JULD now?
Yes, you can!